Birds Of Prey Wallpaper

Birds Of Prey Wallpaper

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Date added: 19.03.11
Author: Hameed Nawaz
Website: Hameed On DeviantART

Author Notes

Created with 3DSMax & Adobe Photoshop. On and off, over the past few months. Models from : Klingon Bird Of Prey Modelled By: William Burningham Enterprise D Modelled By: Chris Setterington Romulan Warbird Modelled By: Mike Dilliott. He created this Warbird by using some work by Ed Giddings and Mike Wright. However, he has modified or created every single piece of this mesh. Ed and Mike's Warbirds and textures were used mostly as a basis and inspiration. The resulting mesh is very accurate and comes out on top. All meshes were at least partially remastered/replaced by me. (C) Copyright - 2011. Strictly for use as a personal desktop or mobile device wallpaper only. Models used with kind permission. Based on "Star Trek" created by Gene Roddenberry. Image may NOT be used for ANY other purpose without direct written consent.

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great looking abstract, gotta love them