Smoke On The Water Wallpaper

Smoke On The Water Wallpaper

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Date added: 23.11.08
Author: Lukasz Szmigiel
Website: Lukasz's Deviant Art Page

Author Notes

So I've finally pre-purchased Terragen 2. And it means that I have LOTS of things to learn and even more - to test. Anyway - that's a first attempt at doing something big. Far from perfect, but...

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Admin Comments

I love the turbulence of the water set against the peacefulness of the clouds and the sunset.

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Awesome wallpapper with wonderfull clouds.

Lukas G.

Very cool! I love the color that it sets up on my monitor. Best thing is that you have 2560 x 1600 resolution size, which is just perfect for my monitor. Also, I noticed that we have the same name, except with that "z" in the end of the name. Good to see great art on here!

Lukasz Szmigiel

Now that's funny! I remember that long time ago someone asked me on dA about permission to put some of my Terragen stuff on wallpaper website and here they are, quite popular as I can see on "downloads" count. Thanks for adding and thanks for watching!


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