Canon EF 100-400mm F/4-5.6L IS USM

Type d'objectif: Telephoto Zoom Lentille de distance focale: 100-400mm
Poids: 1380g Lentille de type de moteur: USM
Stabilisation d'image: Yes
  • 17 elements, 14 groups
    5 diaphragm blades
    Closest focusing distance 1.8m
Rating: 83% (from 2 reviews)

User Comments

I changed to the canon 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 L IS USM after a recommendation from a friend saying it was 'the greatest lens he'd ever owned' . Well for me, like him, it is the greatest telephoto lens i have ever owned, but not by a massive margin. Before i owned this lens i owned a canon 400mm f5.6 L and this too was a great lens, but the versatility the zoom brings with its 100-400mm focal length and the addition of IS makes it fractionally better than the 400mm prime even though the 400mm prime has plenty to boast about. With regards to image quality they are on a level with one another and i have yet to see any difference between the two. Focus speed is slightly faster in the 400mm prime granted, but the zoom is no slouch and fast moving objects such as birds in flight are still acquired in a very short amount of time. What makes the zoom really stand out is the very fact it is a zoom, as well as having IS. Something i find myself doing alot of the time is leaving the lens at around 100-200mm this means that should i spot something, i can acquire the subject easily and then push the zoom to focus in on it more.Obviously this is not possible with the prime, and although this wasn't an issue for the majority of the time there have been occasions when finding a lone bird in the middle of the sky has proven tricky. Finally don't under estimate the helpful hand IS provides, in conditions that are less than favorable it can be the difference between a blurred photo and a sharp photo.

So would i recommend it ? YES without a doubt, if you are looking for a single lens that can fulfill multiple rolls and that has a conservative price in comparison to other 400mm+ lens then go for it, you won't regret it.
Ryan Eustace07/04/2012